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Bourne Again SHell (bash)[edit]

It's the standard command line interface on most Linux machines. It excels at interactivity, supporting command line editing, completion, and recall.

bash.rc / bash.profile[edit]

Bashrc is when you start bash as a non-login shell.
Bash_profile is for whenever you start bash as a login shell.


.bash_history file contains the last commands used with the bash shell. The size of the file depends on what size HISTFILESIZE is set to in the startup file.

Linux Window Managers[edit]


   * It is a fully featured Graphical User Interface, which includes a Window Manager
   * Gnome provides a very straightforward interface, which is powerful, yet straightforward. What it may lack in features compared to KDE, it makes up for in usability.
   * The file manager for Gnome, Nautilus (which although still buggy is incredibly feature packed and is really cool!)
   * Gnome is highly customizable and themeable.
   * Unlike KDE, if you wish, you may change te default Window Manager, so that GNOME handles windows in a way you prefer. 
   * Typical Window managers could be Fvwm, Enlightenment, OpenBox amongst others.
   * It has thousands of open source applications, games and utilities available.