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Various (and hopefully) useful how-to documentation

How To's[edit]

Change Your CS Lab Password[edit]

  • Password Change Utility
    • Allows you to change your CS Lab password -only- while on campus.
  • In addition to changing your password through the PCU, you must also ssh to Sammett and change your password that way. Take that Romanians!

Set up iPhone Development Environment[edit]

So, you want to develop iPhone applications? Great. Unfortunately, Apple's XCode environment and iPhone simulator do not play well with NFS mounted partitions. Don't know why, but here's the workaround.

First, attempt to do the iPhone "Hello World" project. This will fail miserably since the simulator will not work on your NFS mounted home directory.

Second, goto a terminal.

Remove the directory Library/Application Support/iPhone Simulator which is in your home directory.

Make a directory, called whatever your user id is, in /usr/local/iphone-dirs

Finally, link this new directory to where the old one used to be. This is the only command you've not seen before and it will look like this:

ln -s /usr/local/iphone-dirs/my-user-id/ "Library/Application Support/iPhone Simulator"

Alternatively, you may also use this script

Right click and download it. Run it in the terminal with


If you have tried the above manual steps and things didn't work, the script will probably generate errors since it will find things that shouldn't be there. But, it's also fairly robust and should leave you with a working setup.

That last command should be run by you in your home directory. Assuming Ares is in ascension, all should now work. You will need to do this on each Mac you want to work on.

Request A "public_html" Hosted Web Page[edit]

Usage of the 3-D Printers[edit]

MakerBot Replicator 2x[edit]

How to Print:

How to change filament:

How to change the tape on the base plate:

Printing from an SD card:

MakerBot Replicator 5[edit]

How to Print:

How to change filament:

How to change the tape on the base plate:

Printing from a thumb drive:

Ultimaker 2[edit]

How to Print:

How to change filament:

Printing from an SD card:

ProJet 460Plus[edit]

How to Print:

How to change toner cartridge:

How to Post-process a print: